Hamon Infrastructure performs as a general contractor for governmental, commercial and developer owners. One of Hamon’s strengths is its extensive equipment fleet that allows the company to self-perform substantial overlot grading, installation of utilities including water, sanitary sewer and storm water drainage, box culverts, retaining walls and MSE wall systems, watercourse improvements, bridges, concrete flat work and interior roads. Hamon can build projects end-to-end getting the most for your construction dollar.

Centennial Airport


Hamon Infrastructure assist aviation clients in successfully meeting the constant challenges that are part of the industry. Nationwide, airports face unprecedented challenges with aging infrastructure, capacity constraints and financial limitations. Our innovative and cost effective solutions provide airport owners and operators with an exceptional product that will last well into the future.



In the past 25 years, Hamon Infrastructure has worked on hundreds of structures that have become landmarks in the communities they serve.  Our staff is well versed in the construction of steel and concrete bridges, including cable-stayed, arch, truss, segmental, suspension, girder, as well as multi-level highway interchanges.

Bambei-Walker Reservoir


Hamon Infrastructure provides exceptional service, an extensive equipment fleet, and broad experience in innovative construction techniques necessary for Dam construction. The strength of our company lies in our experience and In-house resources enabling excellent solutions that we deliver safely, on time, and on budget.

Santa Fe IV

Highways & Roads

Hamon Infrastructure builds the highways of tomorrow. We help transportation agencies meet the financial, technical and contextual challenges of delivering roads and highways that address the economic, social and environmental needs of the communities they serve. Our team has constructed projects of all scopes, sizes, and levels of complexity. We encourage innovation to develop outcomes that are as sustainable for tomorrow as they are successful for today.



Hamon Infrastructure provides construction services and supports the development or expansion of rail transportation. Whenever possible, we incorporate sustainability and transit-oriented development in support of rail transit that achieves mobility objectives while improving environmental, social and economic conditions.

Pipe Crew 1


Hamon Infrastructure is fully equipped to undertake challenging and unique utility projects. We bring expertise, resources, and a track record of success to a wide variety of projects including the installation of utilities for water, sanitary sewer and storm water drainage.