North I-25 Express Lanes

Starting summer 2016 through winter 2018, CDOT and Hamon Infrastructure will begin the $97.5 million North I-25 Express Lanes project—from 120th Avenue to Northwest Parkway/E-470.

Arapahoe Road, Waco to Himalya

Arapahoe Road, between Waco Street and Himalaya Way, is currently a two-lane roadway designed to handle 20,000 vehicles per day, but currently handles about 23,900

Washington Street Widening

Washington street will be widened to three lanes between 54th and 58th Avenues, building one travel lane in each direction and a center turn lane

Delta Confluence Drive

Hamon Infrastructure partnered with the City of Delta to construct the Delta Alternate Truck Route which is approximately 14,156 feet of roadway in the City of Delta.

Parker Road / Arapahoe Road

Hamon Infrastructure constructed a grade separation between Arapahoe and Parker Roads relieving congestion on the busiest urban interchange in Colorado.