US 6 Over Garrison Street

CDOT and Hamon Infrastructure is currently replacing the structurally deficient bridge that carries US 6 traffic over Garrison Street in Lakewood, Colorado.  The work on this bridge was procured as a Streamlined Design Build Project. The Streamlined Design Build process encourages innovation and delivers a fast, standardized, and efficient procurement solution for both CDOT and for the design build industry.

Project Description

The current bridge structure on US 6 over Garrison Street is deteriorating and is currently rated as “poor” with a sufficiency rating of 32 out of 100. The original structure was built in 1962 and widened to the center in 1972. The new bridge will have a 75 year design life and it will improve the safety of intersection as well as provide a number of community benefits.

Project Benefits

  • Driver safety will increase due to improved sight distances on US 6.
  • Sidewalks and bike-lanes will be constructed along Garrison Street to improve pedestrian access and safety in the area.
  • Phased construction and increased shoulder widths on US 6 will allow 3 lanes of traffic, in each direction, to remain open during peak travel times for the duration of the project.
  • Signal improvements will improve traffic flow at the intersection of US 6 and Garrison Street.
  • Aesthetic enhancements include new architectural walls and an improved bridge design.
  • Added lighting for pedestrians and bicyclists under the bridge will improve safety and contribute to the beautification of the intersection.
  • Improved drainage will provide safety and aesthetic benefits.
  • The accelerated project schedule will deliver community benefits in the least amount of time.

This construction project will be completed in late 2015.

Environmental Highlights

    • The US 6 Over Garrison project Removed, Processed, and Recycled 26,000 tons of the existing 6th Ave pavement and placed it as Road Base for the new EB and WB 6th Ave. at Garrison. This process was developed with CDOT during the Alternative Technical Concepts phase of the Streamline Design Build, containing unique Quality Control Procedures.
    • The Brannan HMA asphalt mix contains approximately 25% or 2,600 Tons of Recycled Asphalt
    • The US 6 Over Garrison project Removed, Processed and Recycled 6,300 Cubic Yards of old concrete from the old bridge, and 6th Ave.
    • The US 6 Over Garrison Project will recycle 176,300 LBS of steel locally (Evraz Rocky Mountain Steel)
    • During the ATC processes the development and reuse of the existing Cast In Place walls as Temporary shoring areas to complete the new walls kept 1800 truck round trips off the Denver Highways.
US 6 Over Garrison Street Crushing Operation

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Project Details

Project Type: Bridges, Highways & Roads
Owner: CDOT
Owner’s Website: US 6 Over Garrison Street
Location: US 6 over Garrison Street, Lakewood, CO
Start: January 2015
Completion: Late 2015

Stay Informed

Updated information regarding traffic impacts is available by calling the project hotline at 720-315-5806, emailing, or by registering for email updates.